Cotton cleaning rags

The most valuable potential of the company are regular customers . Their Circle from year to year is still growing which is a confirmation that the product offered meets the specific requirements of our customers.
The raw material for our production is a very high quality cotton , which is subjected to multiprocess treatment. A results of working allow us to offer you the following product groups pressed in 10kg cube.

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Types of cotton cleaning rags

  • BEB – only white cotton, soft material ideal for polishing delicate surfaces,
  • FL – delicate, soft flannel,
  • FR – frota, the materials very well absorbing water,
  • BJ – bright cotton, jersey, flannel, frota, materials ideal for polishing delicate surfaces,
  • TE – leotard color without printing,
  • MIX-W – colorful mix of cotton,
  • TE - not cut cotton items of clothing in bags.

Produced by our company rags is devoid of hard elements such as locks and buttons. We guarantee direct delivery to the customer. Carry out individual orders by specific recommendations and requirements.