SORTEX Company

Firma SORTEX Sortex Company has been in business since 1991. More than twenty years of commercial experience, flexibility, reliability and partnership in business are the factors which give our organization a success and constant development.


Transport - Manufacturing - Sales

The company's activity is also transportation, production and sales. The company has a network of stores in the southern Polish and the number of regular retail and wholesale customers allows the company to expand the existing range.
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Selective waste collection

Selektywna zbiórka odpadów - Sortex One of the profiles of the company Sortex is conducting selective collection of packaging waste in the form of foil, paper, clothing and textiles. These wastes instead of landfilling are collected, sorted out and eventually processed. The vast majority of textiles is used to producing of cleaning and the remaining waste is transferred to a specialized recycling companies.

Environmental protection

Ochrona środowiska - SortexDynamically changing elements of the entourage, especially in terms of environmental protection, have contributed to a different view of waste and they need for rational management. In this direction Sortex has all the required environmental of law decisions in order to effectively carry out its mission of "caring for the environment”.

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